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The Medicine Match
Fast, simple, safe and non-invasive (CYP450 DNA Test)

1. Register

PATIENTS: Initiate the registration of your physician or local clinic/pharmacy. Once registered, your physician can request your test.

PHYSICIANS: Register your clinic online before you can begin testing. Once registered, complete a DNA Test Request Form for each patient.

2. Swab

A simple, buccal swab is taken from the inside of the mouth to collect DNA cells. The collection procedure is non-invasive and painless and can be carried out at your physician's clinic or local clinic/pharmacy.

3. Ship

The DNA Test Request Form and swabs are shipped in our overnight prepaid mailer to our laboratory for DNA analysis.

4. Results

Once received, technicians at our certified laboratory will extract your DNA sample and process it through our state of the art genetic analysers. Test results are returned to your physician via secure server or fax within 3-5 business days.

The easy to understand results provide the physician with your personal genetic information to:

  • Assist with selecting the type of medication and dose best suited for you
  • Identify potential drug interactions
  • Minimize your risk to drug side effects and adverse reactions
  • Keep costs of medication down
  • Allow you to be at your best health, sooner

NMT Corporation has a team of professionals on hand to help physicians interpret the results and answer their questions.


Payment is made by the patient at the time of testing. The patient may submit the cost of the testing to their Private Health Insurance provider to request reimbursement. Guidelines for reimbursement differ between Private Health Insurance providers, and reimbursement is not guaranteed. Patients are encouraged to contact their Private Health Insurance providers for the details of their coverage for CYP450 tests.

Safety and security of personal data

Our top priority is the safety and security of your data. The storage, use and transfer of your data is properly encrypted and carefully conducted according to legislation requirements and guidelines.

Certified Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)

Our service is guaranteed through our certification with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CLIA), that requires appropriate accreditation and quality controls.